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On Day 1 I will open city hall back up! We need a government that is open, transparent, and HONEST with its citizens. I will be the first mayor to truly give the citizens a seat at the table.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the city, the mayor should be running the city for maximum efficiency including a balanced budget, eliminating ALL wasteful spending, and helping the community thrive rather than putting up bureaucratic road blocks. I will be helping out those citizens wanting to build up the community, not sending out our law enforcement to give people tickets for trying to fix emergency repairs on their homes.


Road and infrastructure projects will be a top priority. No longer should houses burn down due to a lack of water pressure. No longer will we constantly have to zig zag to avoid the pot holes and bad asphalt patches.


The current mayor outsources these responsibilities to the lowest bidder. I will push for building up and funding our own Police, Fire, and EMS services right here in this city.

Clinton Drive

For too long, the tractor trailers and industry lining Clinton Dr. has made this town look like an eyesore. We need to clean it up because we ALL deserve to live in a beautiful community.

Food Pantry

Separating the food pantry from the city. The great people of Galena Park aren’t poor or destitute. We are hard-working, family-loving folks who want a government focused on governing. Charity should be left to charitable organizations, and the city will turn back over the food pantry to those with a passion for it.

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