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My name is Rei Medrano and I am running to become the Commissioner for Position 1 of Water and Sewage. I am a High School graduate of Galena Park class of 2007 and have been part of this great town since. I have spent many years volunteering at my church of First Baptist Galena Park helping our community thrive thru community and fellowship.  While my background has been focused on my IT career, I want to be able to utilize those skills I’ve gained to address our towns key issues, utilize all data insights to improve on those issues all while exceed any and all expectations in the process.


My plan is to see about change in the infrastructure of our water and drainage system which we so desperately need. I want to be able to provide adequate, economical , and a potable supply of water; all while having a stable, economical and environmentally safe system of wastewater disposal.


Vote for me for Position #1 Commissioner

I am Jean Vega and I am running for Galena Park City Commissioner Position 4 Street & Bridges.  I am a graduate of Galena Park High School class 2021.  I am a college student majoring in BS Physics.  I grew up in Galena Park and want to make our city better. I was the president of Galena Park Youth LULAC Council, member of LULAC adult council 4703 and member of National Honor Society.  I have been volunteering and giving back to my community since I was very young.  I am tried of the potholes, bridges being in bad shape, the streets being polluted and want to invest in our city infrustructure to fix the issues.  I want to create bike lanes and safe crossings for our community.  I want to bring fresh ideas and solutions to our city.  I promise to represent our city for you the citizen first and to vote on issues by what is best for you the ciitzens not what the establishment wants.  I promise to listen to you the citizens first and vote for what is best for our city.


Vote for Jean Vega Position 4 City Commissioner .

My name is Martha Cantu-Perez and I am running to become the Commissioner for Position 3 of Parks and Recreation. I am a High School graduate of Galena Park and have lived here for 47 years. From 2017-2019 I was the Director of the Community Building. As Director I brought different programs to our city. I organized and participated in events such as the senior citizens luncheon that was held every Friday, the 7 weeks of fun, soccer games. In addition, I started the repairs on the swimming pool and community building.


My vision is focused on bringing more programs for our citizens to participate in. I plan to create a committee of volunteers who are involved in our community to bring new program ideas for discussion and creation. Many of our seniors are no longer able to drive and have become isolated. I hope to purchase a small bus which will be used to transport them to various activities. Among those activities I will be working with the schools to bring dances back for our students and senior citizens. Several of our citizens have requested recycling. Once in office this will be one of many programs I plan to implement. Re-establishing public financing and efficient use of department funds, will help bring more activities to our city


Galena Park is a wonderful town to raise a family. Unfortunately, until the city council confronts the mayor the quality of life that every citizen deserves will never  be realize. Let's take a step forward to the future and eliminate the power, control, and self-interests of the current administration. I am hopeful that the residents will give me the opportunity to serve them and elect me as Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Position 3. My passion has always been to serve my community and I am committed to seeing our town prosper.

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